Arvada’s Front Porch is the New Back Yard

What if your neighbors spent their summer time evenings and afternoons hanging out on their front porch? Would you know their names? Their kid’s names? Would you be able to borrow a cup of sugar next time you needed one instead of driving all the way to the grocery store? I guess you would have to be hanging out on your front porch too. How different would your community be if you and your neighbors spent more time on the front porch instead of the back yard?
Our front yard and front door are where our friends and family come into our life when they come to visit, the first impression for home buyers, and heck, WE have to walk thru them every time we come and go. Two winters ago, inspired by a movement called the Art of Neighboring and a less than appealing front yard, we decided that our first home improvement project would be out the front door.

landing pad porch before picture

landing pad porch before picture

We “demo’d” (construction speak for demolished) our little landing pad porch and took out the flower box (AKA neighborhood cat litter box) and designed a low two-level deck. Railings? We don’t need no stinking railings!

in progress ceder deck arvada

two level deck, no railings!

During the summer we frequently eat our dinners on our front porch in Arvada, just sitting on the deck with our legs hanging off!  I can honestly say we have met dog walking neighbors we never would have if we were not spending so much time on our front deck.  Hanging out front is contagious! On either side if us and across the street, our neighbors wave and come over to chat if they have a few minutes. I now have a handful of need-a-cup-o-sugar neighbors since we’ve become front yard friendly.

While sipping your [insert cocktail of choice] in the twilight hours one summer eve, have you ever imagined moving your garden out front too? We did. Now we have a lovely front garden (less to mow and prettier than grass!) and our new friends next door frequently “borrow” our abundant produce. One thing leads to another…..Paver driveway and path renovation followed by block party?!

We are your experts in deck, patio, outdoor kitchen and porch design. We service the Arvada, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Boulder and surrounding areas. Please contact us at our web site or by phone at 720-398-9179! We would love to help you transform your outdoor living space.

Arvada Front Yard Garden

Garden instead of grass!

front yard arvada

Change your neighborhood by updating your front porch! Arvada, Golden, Wheat Ridge!


2 thoughts on “Arvada’s Front Porch is the New Back Yard

  1. Well. You can’t sunbathe naked on the front porch. But I love everything else about the idea of building community instead of building only backyard getaways. Everybody should have a place they can go for quiet and solitude. But it’s so important to stay connected to the people around you. Great idea! I hope it catches on. Phil, from Franktown.

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